About the Advanced Target Standards Group

The ATSG was set up by clypd and a consortium of US network programmers in August 2016 with the following mission:

To accelerate the use of advanced targets in the buying and selling of TV advertising, to benefit buyers, sellers and viewers.

Key considerations in the creation of the group were as follows:

  • Although the media owners in the group are in competition, there are benefits in collaboration to promote advanced TV in the broader media landscape.
  • Advanced audience data sources in linear TV are typically designed for ad sales, planning or effectiveness measurement rather than campaign activation and stewardship.
  • To enable wider use of advanced audiences, simpler and more standardized processes are required. Enabling advanced targets in the workflow for ad deals in a similar way to the standard gender and age targets is the key to scale.

To date, the group has focused on three broad areas:

  1. Producing guidelines for the use of advanced audiences in linear TV.
  2. Creating a pre-defined set of advanced audiences across the most commonly used data sets (e.g. MRI Fusion, NBI, NCS, ComScore Rentrak/Polk).
  3. Creating standards for Advanced Audience Calculation methods addressing issues such as data latency, visitors, and inconsistent universe estimates.

Guidelines for Advanced Target Linear TV Deals

On April 4, 2017, the ATSG announced that it had created guidelines for the use of advanced targets in linear TV and a detailed specification of calculation methodologies for managing advanced audience segments, to ensure marketplace consistency for buyers across media owners.

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