ATSG Primer for Advanced Targeting on TV

Available for download here is the ATSG’s Primer for Advanced Targeting on TV, a comprehensive reference for buyers and sellers in the space. 

Authored by Gerard Broussard, Principal of Pre-Meditated Media LLC, the primer provides an overview of the current advanced TV landscape and lays out best practices for employing advanced data in TV advertising. The Appendix includes many of the materials that the ATSG has created since its inception in 2016, including guidelines for data use, cross-platform consistency, and data-driven linear transactions. It also includes the open-source ATSG calculation principles that Nielsen adopted in 2018 for use in its Advanced Audience capabilities.

Quotes about the Primer and the ATSG:

Keith Kazerman, EVP of Digital Sales and Advanced Advertising at Discovery:

“Delivering improved business outcomes for our advertising customers is paramount to Discovery.  Audience targeting helps us achieve that but requires a universally accepted set of standards to reach industry-wide scale.  Thanks to the efforts of the ATSG, data-driven linear can be transacted across the marketplace using a common language and shared set of expectations.”

Tom Ziangas, SVP of Research at AMC networks:

“We’ve been part of ATSG since 2016 and this primer showcases the extensive thought leadership that the group has brought to the Advanced TV space since then, based on dialogue and collaboration from agencies, media owners and clypd.”

Helen Katz, SVP, Global Director, Publicis Media Analytics & Insight: 

“The value of using advanced targets in TV is widely recognized, but realizing this value requires transparency and consistency. This is a key reason I was eager to partner with the ATSG on the creation of this Primer, as it will serve as an indispensable guide for anyone working in this space.”

Pete Doe, Chief Research Officer at clypd and chair of the ATSG:

“in the past three years the ATSG has created a wealth of material to provide practical assistance to buyers and sellers working in the advanced TV space. This document brings it all together in a comprehensive way”